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View from a Rural Georgia Cemetery (Wordless Wednesday)

Her Orb Will Rise

I found today's epitaph etched into a pedestal tombstone of marble, topped with a draped urn located in Snow Springs Cemetery at Snow Spring (Unadilla), Dooly County, Georgia. Smithy Louisa Wife of Charlie Clewis Feb 11, 1835 Apr 4, 1918 Our Mother In God's own morn her orb will rise, Once more a star of Paradise.

Macon's Old City Cemetery, 1825-1840 (Tombstone Tuesday)

The Old City Cemetery in Macon, Georgia was established in 1825 and used by many until 1840. That year marked the opening of Rose Hill Cemetery, a much larger and more beautiful landscape that attracted most Maconites for decades to come. Today, the city of Macon maintains the grounds. When I visited in May of last year, the grass was pretty and green and not too tall. That didn't hide the fact that the tombstones left in the cemetery were in poor shape and most of the brick walls surrounding family lots were crumbled. I did see several plaques stating restorations were done, many from the 1960's. All in all, the cemetery is a shell of what I imagine it once was. The Old City Cemetery was neglected for many, many years. In fact, old newspaper articles I have read on the subject say as much. A 1919 "Just 'Twixt Us" column by Bridges Smith of the Macon Telegraph states, "We now speak in sorrow of the neglected condition of the old cemetery at the f

Empty & Waiting are the Riverside Cemetery Benches

I recently visited Riverside Cemetery for the purpose of conducting a scavenger hunt . While there, something else kept getting my attention. It was the cemetery bench. I'm not necessarily writing about the stone benches that are more prevalent today. I'm choosing to focus on the weathered, worn, and rusted benches that look like they'll turn to dust if you touch them. There were several of these benches at Riverside, and two words kept coming to mind each time I would see one -- Empty and Waiting . Hollow and Lingering. These words might not seem to go together, I know. But they express my thoughts about the many souls that have used these seats. The living ones, and maybe even those of the ones passed on. The emptiness they were feeling. The yearning they had to see their loved one again, and possibly lingering in hopes of catching one last glimpse. I consider myself a "picture taker," but not really a photographer, if you know what I mean. Howev

Lush Summer Green (Wordless Wednesday)

My Scavenger Hunt for the Graveyard Rabbit Carnival

Kick yer feet up, folks, this is a long one. Don't worry, it's fun and full of pictures.  You'll enjoy it! A scavenger hunt in a cemetery? You know I'm there! I excitedly played along for the next edition of the Graveyard Rabbit Carnival. I chose to try and find all the suggested items at one cemetery. That could have been a challenge in itself, but I put the odds in my favor by selecting Riverside Cemetery in Macon, Georgia as my hunting ground. This cemetery was established in 1887 and covers a beautiful 125 acres. It is a delightful mix of old and new tombstones. I especially love it because even the "new" sections have maintained an increasingly "old style" look. Upright markers are the norm, and plots can be decorated to the hilt. I know this makes upkeep more challenging, but I am grateful Riverside has chosen to continue with this layout. Fifteen items were on the list -- from crosses to flowers to stars to mausoleums -- and I found

Here Lies the Body of Susannah (Tombstone Tuesday)

Here Lies the Body of Susannah Wife of Williams Brown Born in Jones County, No-Carolina 12th March 1803 Died in Houston County, Georgia 17th March 1847 In the 45th Year of her age. ------------------------------------- We miss thee from a band so dear, That gathers round our hearth. We listen still to hear thy name Amid our household mirth. We gaze upon thy vacant chair, Thy form we seem to see. We start to find thou are not here Yet joy that thou art free. Henderson Church Cemetery Houston County, GA Note:  Epitaph from poem entitled "The Loved and Lost," but cannot find an author.

"In Memoriam" for Master Mason Edward McGehee

Rev. E. T. McGehee, M.D. (1808-1870) From the 7 June 1870 Macon Weekly Telegraph , Georgia: " IN MEMORIAM Reverend, Edward T. McGehee, M.D., a Master Mason, and a member of Houston Lodge, No. 35, F. A. M., died April 16th, A. D., 1870, A. L., 5870 -- Aged 62 years. Our Lodge has never been called upon to mourn the death of a brother more beloved than he, whose name heads this notice. At heart brother McGehee loved the mystic charms of Free Masonry. His intercourse with his brethren in all the relations of life, and his communion with them around our sacred altars, illustrated his high appreciation of a devotion to our time honored and indissoluble Fraternal Union; his outer life exhibited his high estimate of our Moral Temple and added lustre to its wisdom, strength and beauty. Over and around all of which he threw the higher charms and purer light of a holy life consecrated and devoted to the cause of Him in whom we put our trust. Honored and revered by us while liv

Photos from Henderson Church Cemetery Now Online

Whew! I've been working! Some more photos are now available online. These are from Henderson Church Cemetery in Henderson, Houston County, Georgia. Surnames include Brown, Clark, Coleman, Haywood, Hodge, Jones, Kendrick, Kezar, McGehee, Peacock, Rogers, Shafer, and Till. Direct link to individual photos and commentary - Henderson Church Cemetery .

Dear Mamie You've Left Me as an Angel Leaves (Today's Epitaph)

Mamie E. Wife of T. E. Rogers b. Sept 9, 1875 d. June 25, 1909 I especially like the epitaph on Mamie Rogers' tombstone in Henderson Baptist Church Cemetery (Henderson, GA) because it's a note from a husband to a wife: Dear Mamie you've left me as an angel leaves. You have gone where angels go. I try to realize my loss, your gain. Still bitter tears will flow. - Eddie

Photos from Shiloh Cemetery Now Online

I'm still playing with Picasa's web features and found out I can embed a slideshow into my blog posts. This works well for a small number of photos, as with the case of Shiloh Cemetery. This predominantly African-American burial ground is an old church cemetery located in Henderson, Houston County, Georgia. There are several dated tombstones that likely memorialize former slaves. This is not a complete survey, but a compilation of photos of some of the older stones and others that simply caught my eye. Surnames include Adkison, Amica, Davis, Hill, Jones, Nix, Riley, Simmons, Sneed, Thompson, Webb, and Williams. If you are interested in viewing larger images and / or individuals, as well as my commentary, you may go directly to the album here - Shiloh Cemetery .

Born in Slave Time

Sallie Jones D. Oct 28, 1928 B. In Slave Time Gone But Not Forgotton Shiloh Cemetery Henderson, Houston County, Georgia

Shiloh Cross (Wordless Wednesday)

The Beauty of Bonaventure Through Jennifer's Eyes

I just got back from visiting Jennifer at I'm Having a Thought Here . I hope you will visit her, too. Actually, I'm begging you to go. She just returned from visiting the famed Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, and I must say she captured the beauty with her camera and descriptive words like no one I've seen before. Not only are her photographs stunning, also is her well-drawn representation of the grounds. I've been to the awesome moss-covered garden of stone before, and her work made me ache to return. If you have never been to Bonaventure, do yourself a favor and take a tour through Jennifer's eyes... Bonny, bony Bonaventure

The hand of the Lord came upon me and brought me out in the Spirit of the Lord, and set me down in the midst of the valley; and it was full of bones. Then He caused me to pass by them all around, and behold, there were very many in the open valley; and indeed they were very dry. And He said to me, "Son of man, can these bones live?"

So I answered, "O Lord God, You know."

Again He said to me, "Prophesy to these bones, and say to them, 'O dry bones, hear the word of the Lord!' Thus says the Lord God to these bones: 'Surely I will cause breath to enter into you, and you shall live...'" (Ezekiel 37:1-5, NKJV)